"I Just Work Here" presents: Feeling Pretty

Cut your stupid hair, Marco.

I considered showing Marco with his hair cut when I began this story arc but then realized I could integrate it into this story. So I did! I think it will fit nicely. And his haircut will make him look nicer, in my opinion.

I'm sorry things have been so slow around here. Does this comic mean we're back on track? No, not yet. I am still dealing with some personal matters and my stress levels, while a bit lower than they were previously, are still pretty high and I'm still trying to take care of myself. The good news is I have a good support system, and I have several different means of handling stress. The bad news is I spend all my free time managing that stress doing whatever I think I need to do in order to stay calm. Part of my problem drawing IJWH these days is we're back on the domestic violence storyline... which is kind of stressful even when outside life factors aren't at play.

I'm going to continue to draw comics, bit by bit as I'm able. With any luck I'll be able to get the next one out in a couple weeks, but because of how crazy things are for me right now I'm going to hold off on timelines or promises.

Thanks as always for reading.