"I Just Work Here" presents: Kids Say The Darndest Things

I think at that point it's definitely a good idea to teach the kid to speak correctly.

Javiera's story is not at all unusual. I have many Latino friends, some born here in the US, some born outside the US. Of all my Latino friends born in the US who speak Spanish, they have all told me there was intense debate between their parents whether or not they should learn Spanish. One of my friend's parents refused to teach her Spanish, so she taught herself.

Fun fact: Teaching a kid a second language at an early age actually helps prepare them to learn more languages in the future! Learning a second language when they're really young actually helps prepare their brain to learn more languages more quickly down the road, and can also help prepare them for other kinds of learning. Also, when they're older they can brag about knowing two languages to their friends. Multiple benefits!