"I Just Work Here" presents: Learning What Now?

As I wrote this, it actually hit me what a futile jobs most trainers have... they spend so much time teaching us how to do our jobs, but then everything changes at the drop of a hat! I think this is very unfair to trainers.

This comic almost didn't get finished in time... The level of detail in this comic was slightly above and beyond my normal schlock. While I'm very pleased with how it came out it took quite a bit of time to draft, then quite a bit of editing in Photoshop. I realized as I was touching up certain panels there's a reason I'm not an architect, as I very nearly made a huge gaffe with the stairs and layout of the room. I think I've got it figured out now. None of my trainings ever took place in an auditorium-style room like this one, however I did have a college class with the room set up quite similarly to this one, which is where the idea for the room design came from. This is also my hopeless internet bid to encourage more trainings in cool auditorium-style rooms like this one.