"I Just Work Here" presents: Whip It

That moment when your mouth says "Congrats" but your face says "Please put your clothes back on."

Meet Ed! I've been waiting literally years to show Javiera's climbing gym.

A quick word about Ed: Ed is very lovingly based off a guy I met while climbing at Seneca Rock years ago. After my climbing partner and I had gone up the cliffside and rapelled down, we went back to the climbing school to relax, eat dinner and hang out with other climbers coming off the rock. There was one fellow who had the thickest country accent I've heard in years, and he was an absolute climbing beast. He was telling us stories about climbing around the world, showing off some of his scars and telling the stories behind them, and offered a stream of very helpful climbing tips to me (I'm no pro. I'm somewhere between "amateur" and "competent"). This dude left a real impression on me, and I wanted Ed to have some of his traits, including his love for dangerous climbs, scraggly hair, and yes, thick accent.