"I Just Work Here" presents: The Conversation Goes On

I have actually known people like Cherise who think it's okay to hand non-English cases off to other workers to complete. I work in the greater DC area, so we see lots of different languages, especially Spanish, Vietnamese, Dari, Arabic, Twi, and Korean. The county provides us with interpreter services, so there really is no excuse not to process these cases. Sure, it takes and extra minute to have to speak through an interpreter, and most people I know grouse about it because we all have so much work it's a pain to have to take the extra time. BUT, it's our job to take the extra time when we need to, and since we're provided with the tools we need to do our job, there's really no excuse to say you can't or won't process a non-English speaking case.

Next week we're back to Javiera's main story line! I know exactly where I want it to go but I need to do some serious drafting this weekend to make sure I've got thumbnails ready to go. See you next week!