"I Just Work Here" presents: The Color Pink Smells Like Sunshine

Definitely wait until tomorrow. I love drawing Lizzie.

EDIT: That is a bag of candy corn on Lizzie's desk. In IJWH 214 Lizzie stated Mr. Whiffles takes Candy Corn and Pixie Sticks as payment. Some readers expressed confusion so I edited the image a little... sorry if it wasn't clear in the first place. :(

Next week will be the LAST PAGE of the current story arc! Then there will be another Fraud Phantom Lore interlude (so I can fine-tune the writing for the next strip) and then the following week, which I think is over Thanksgiving Break, we start the next story arc! Yay!

There is still a New Vote Incentive on TopWebComics! It's a preview of the next strip-- also the last one in the current story arc! We've been getting more votes to IJWH lately, and it shows! IJWH has jumped up over 100 places in the ranks this past month! Thank you all so much! Please keep voting, it really, really helps!

I've got a handful of other colored images lined up as future vote incentives; TopWebComics is one of the cheapest, most reliable ways of building the audience and bringing in new readers and in order for IJWH to sustain long-term success we need to keep bringing them in! Thank you so much for voting, and if you vote again you get another fun image! I'm going to create a new folder in the Gallery for the past vote incentives, too, so everyone will get to enjoy the pretty pictures!