"I Just Work Here" presents: Games Are Fun

There is no doubt in my mind there are supervisors out there who exist to keep people from having fun. But my experience in the workplace has led me to believe most of them exist to keep the crazies in line.

THERE IS A NEW VOTE INCENTIVE!!! Click HERE to see a fun sketch I drew as I was recovering!

Oh my goodness, it feels SOOOOO good to draw comics again! I am feeling much better after a few weeks of rest and taking vitamin and iron supplements, and I'm starting to ease back into running and rock climbing. Last weekend I used the three-day weekend to build a buffer for IJWH; something this comic has NEVER had. While on the one hand I debated posting the pages quickly to make up for lost time, the truth is having the buffer means hopefully avoiding breaks in the comic in the future. If the Kickstarter is successful then I will need the buffer. Plus, I've come up with a potential storyline that could get posted twice a week, so there may be a deluge of comics coming regardless.

Thank you so much to everyone for your patience during this horrible month. I didn't plan on this and it turns out being defficient in several vitamins at once really sucks. It feels really good to be back.