"I Just Work Here" presents: Chocolate Cake Tastes Better

Fun fact: I had to practice cursive before writing out that cake text. Clearly I have not used cursive since, like, the third grade.

Good news on the Kickstarter! I've gotten most of the rewards for the stretch goals figured out, now I'm figuring out what the tiers will be (i.e. what amount you can pledge to get certain things). It's looking like the physical book will be $25, which is pretty standard for most of the comic book collections I see out there these days. I am expecting the first book to include strips 1-186. That may change but right now that's what I'm leaning towards. I'm also planning to include several illustrations in the book that have not and will not be released online, so the entire thing should be roughly 200-210 pages. Keep in mind nothing is set in stone yet but that's what I'm leaning towards!