"I Just Work Here" presents: Can We Talk?

First comic of 2013, yay! There is one more strip in this story arc; the next story arc is well into the drafting stages already.

It being the new year and all, I made a few New Year's Resolutions that pertain to IJWH...

First, I resolve to be sharper about my updates, most notably during the holidays. The last two years I've found myself slammed during the holiday season because of all the side projects I tend to have going on during the holidays; as a result, I've had to cut back on updates, something I'm none too proud of. That shall not happen again.

Second, I resolve to improve the art of IJWH over this next year (and the year after that, and the year after that, etc). IJWH presents a unique challenge: office spaces are notoriously dull, and IJWH takes place in, well, an office. It's not that I'm trying to be lazy, I'm trying to be realistic; unfortunately as I look back over several of 2012's strips, they strike me as lazy. This must stop. The storylines are really clicking for me, and of course I won't be slacking off on that side, but I will be making a conscious effort to improve the art quality of IJWH. I want these strips to be so mind-blowingly good-looking, it inspires you to run and show all your friends, strangers on the street, and start your own webcomic. Or the art can at least be good enough to illicit a smile. Smiles are good too.