"I Just Work Here" presents: Policy Wimps

On the off-chance you're reading this comic and you're NOT a social worker, you should know this really isn't how policy works. Granted, the SNAP program does currently accept the client's statement to verify several things, but that doesn't mean we take it for EVERYTHING. So no angry e-mails, please, it's just a cartoon.

That being said, Nikki's angry outburst in the third panel is actually a culmination of criticisms I hear around the office from workers both experienced and new. It's frustrating because although accepting their statement makes it easier for the client who comes in needing food to get their benefits faster, it also makes it easier for the losers out to defraud the system as well; kind of a double-edged sword. But I digress.

On another note, I'm almost 100% healed from this friggin' concussion! Woot! To celebrate I'm putting together a colored IJWH and building up a backlog for July; I have a short story arc I want to release once each week in July. That means twice as many updates! Woohoo! Wish me luck putting all that together, cuz I'm going to NEED IT!