"I Just Work Here" presents: Never Happened Before

Darren is correct: That is really bad for a first time.

In most cases of domestic violence, the abuse comes about gradually. The abuser will start by "grooming" the victim, by doing small things, setting small expectations, then gradually increasing the level of abuse. The victim often is unaware of this process, and it isn't until the abuse has gotten quite bad they become aware of what's happening, and by that time they're often in real trouble. Javiera's case is a bit different; some abusers such as Marco are sudden and vicious. The abuse often starts without warning and is surprisingly violent.

All abusers tend to share the common trait of having the abuse escalate over time. As long as the victim stays in the relationship, the more danger they are in.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, you can visit the The National Domestic Violence Hotline webpage and theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention page on domestic violence.