"I Just Work Here" presents: Trapped

The more I draw Marco, the less I like him and his stupid haircut.

...Why not have Javiera leaving Marco at the end of the arc? Because, frankly, domestic violence is practically never that cut-and-dried. Many victims for several different reasons will choose to stay with the abusive partner. This can be related to the abuser's manipulative nature, they may buy into the abuser's ideology that they themselves are responsible for the abuse they've received, they may feel they have nowhere to go, or they may be too scared to try leaving. Or some combination of the above. But the point is most victims do not leave after the first assault. Some do, as well they should, but for many it's not as simple as "Just leave him already!"

Is IJWH going to become a long diatribe on what domestic violence is, how it should be handled, what you should do, etc? No. This is simply a story I really wanted to tell. I don't intend for IJWH to become weighed down with this every single time you visit the comic. There's obviously a lot more to go in terms of how Javiera is going to resolve this problem, but that will come with time. This is the last page of the current story arc; next week, new arc!

As always, thank you so much for reading.