Out For A Stroll

This piece was a special Thank You for Sw1tchbl4de from DeviantArt. He did a fantastic job of helping me with my webcomic "Just Caitlin" by assisting with the coloring process. He did the flat, basic colors, which is simple but time-consuming and takes time to be done correctly. He did an amazing job, and it was thanks to his help I was able to update the strip bi-weekly for a special story where the kids "visited" Iceland. I would not have been able to do that alone, and I am extremely grateful for his help.

The character on the left, Mandor Saval, belongs to Sw1tchbl4de. The character on the right, and the concept for the background both belong to Dreamkeepers. I think the one thing I get to take credit for here is making up the glowing flowers. ^_^