Dreamkeepers: Light It Up

Yes, I am aware the gallery is starting to look like a Dreamkeepers fan site, but in my defense this stuff is highly addictive. In truth I practically never draw fanarts, but what draws me (pun intended) towards Dreamkeepers is the practice I get trying to re-create the coloring style. This is posted in my DeviantArt Gallery as well, but is much simpler than the others and was much faster to put together. I put it on the IJWH website because first, I think it's kinda cool, and two, I have a tendency towards brightly-colored things and this fit the bill perfectly. This was also the most-Photoshopped piece to date; I used far more digital art techniques (copying, masking, etc) than I ever have before.

Original drawing done on 11x14" sheet of bristol, drafted in blue pencil and inked with a Pentel Pocketbrush Pen. Colored in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Dreamkeepers is Copyright David Lillie.