Here Come The Ducklings!

This comic is dedicated with the utmost love and affection to one of the most sought-after supervisors in our office. The real-life Ana is endlessly sought after to answer questions on cases, policy, you name it. She literally cannot walk down the aisles without a group of workers following her about, all clamoring to ask her a question. She doesn't help herself out at all, either; she's always friendly and helpful no matter how tired she is, which does anything but deter people from asking her more questions. 

I don't mean for this comic to suggest the other supervisors are mean, unhelpful, unavailable or anything of the sort. Quite the opposite, the office has a truly fantastic management team. But ever since the first time I saw Ana gather a crowd just by walking down the aisles this was the image that popped into my head. I finally decided it needed to be put on paper. 

Image Copyright 2014 Caitlin Baner, all rights reserved. Original drawing done on two sheets of 300-weight bristol, inked with Winsor & Newton Series 7 #2 ink brush, colored in Adobe Photoshop CS5.