Dreamkeepers: Walk With Me?

This is the first piece of fanart I've ever done, featuring Mace and Lilith from the Dreamkeepers Graphic Novel Saga. Dreamkeepers is NOT my idea; it belongs to Mr. David Lillie, and the original works can be found here: Dreamkeepers Home Page. I chose to do this piece because 1) Mr. and Mrs. Lillie have such an amazing taste for colors, I decided one great way to learn Photoshop would be to try mimicking some of the Dreamkeepers works as practice, and 2) because Dreamkeepers is really, really cool. This was above all else a way for me to practice and get used to Photoshop, but it was also a lot of fun. This picture is prominently on display in my DeviantArt Gallery as well.

Original drawing done on 11x14" sheet of bristol, blue drafting pencil and Pentel Pocketbrush Pen. Colored in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Dreamkeepers and all associated characters and images are Copyright David Lillie.